Annual warranty registration

You  have just treated your vehicule with OTOPROTEC rustproof?

Protect your investment by subscribing to our Annual Rustproofing Protection for only 19.95$!

Protection antirouille annuelle

OTOPROTEC Annual Rustproofing Protection guarantees you a protection against rust for up to 10 years or 250 000 kilometres.  The guarantee protects your vehicle from rust happening from the inside towards the outside of treated parts, so on the side where OTOPROTECT rustproofing has been applied.
To be eligible, your vehicle must be under 4 years old and/or have less than 60 000 kilometers and must be treated every year with a 55HP annual rustproofing product or Hybritec at an OTOPROTEC dealer.  Registration must be done within 30 days following the complete rustproofing treatment.

  Full Warranty Details

 REGISTER for Annual Rustproofing Protection

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