Traitement de peintures

Paint Treatment

Our paint treatment is very different than a wax. This product based from penetrating agents, teflon and an ultraviolet rays filter is formulated to merge with all car finishes to prevent dehydration, discoloration, and oxidation and to enhance its shine.

Rénovateur de finis (Crystal Shine)

Finishing Renovator (Crystal Shine)

This product is intended for the maintenance of the finish protected by the paint treatment. Therefore, the use of this product will not alter the protection offered by the Otoprotec paint treatment. Crystal Shine will dislodge dirt that can stick or encrust itself to the paint treatment and will restore the luster of the finish. This product, appreciated by many connoisseurs, can also be used on all surfaces.

Fabric treatment

Fabric Treatment

This concentrated treatment is composed of concentrated super-effective waterproofing ingredients, odorless and colorless after drying. It soaks the fibers of the fabric to prevent penetration of liquids into the fibers, which then prevents the occurrence of stains. This treatment will also diminish static electricity, discoloration and humidity.

Leather and vinyl treatment

Vinyl and Leather Treatment

This treatment nourishes and protects vinyl and leather and prevents it from dehydrating and discoloring prematurely. This product is composed of moisturizers, emollients and UV filtering agents for exceptional efficiency.

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