Anti-theft marking installation guide

Security Characteristics

The ideal amount of areas marked is 52. On the other hand, the type of vehicle may limit this number. In fact, a comprehensive 2-door sub-compact will consist of fewer markings than a van or a large luxurious SUV.

Areas that must be marked are:

  • All windows including the windshield, rear window, side windows and rear quarter windows.
  • The lens headlights, front and rear sidelights, fog lights and front and back turn signal lenses.
  • The side view mirrors, as long as it does not interfere with the vision
  • "Mag" type wheels and hubcaps
  • The motor and its different components
  • Other important mechanical parts.
  • Body parts such as the hood, trunk, tailgate, doors, grill and bumpers.
  • In general all parts that are susceptible to dismantling and resale.




A Unique Code

  • The alphanumeric sequence etched onto your vehicle is unique. The code permits, thanks to the registration form, to supply our database. This database contains the clients name, the make, model and year of the vehicle, the name of the dealership or the installer and the date of installation.
  • Registration in the database can be transferred to the new owner.
  • Access to the database is permitted to the police as well as insurers upon request via a secure area of our website.

Quality Control

  • Installer training is provided by us at the time of an account opening, changes to employees at the request of the dealership, or after inspection has been rated less than 90%.
  • Reconstructed, severely damaged vehicles (SDV) are not included in our database unless they have been authenticated by the IBC with supporting documentation. The dealership must provide us with a copy of the registration certificate of all marked used vehicles, a document that will be destroyed after verification.
  • Surprise inspections on vehicles are performed on a statistical basis. Therefore, a non-compliant dealer will receive new training, will be strictly supervised, and, in case of non-improvement, will see the right to sell our etching revoked.
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