Installation guide for chemical products

Paint warranty Paint Treatment

  1. TOOLS
    1. Use an orbital polisher for the application and polishing.
    2. Soft polishing cloth.
    1. Wash and dry the vehicle
    2. Ensure the paint surface is exempt of any was or other products, if necessary clean is with a product such as "Pre-Kleeno".
    3. Work in a temperature over 15°C.
    1. Apply the paint treatment directly onto the pad in a way to properly saturate it, repeat as necessary. Too generous of an application will create a film and lengthen the work time.
    2. Apply to the full surface without applying too much pressure on the polisher.
    3. Move the polisher from left to right then top to bottom in order to cover the whole surface evenly.
    4. Once all surfaces are finished with the polisher, use a pad or tampon applicator to treat the hard to reach areas.
    5. Install a new clean and dry pad on the polisher.
    6. By starting with the areas that were first treated, polish until the surface has a high shine. In case of film, wait a little and repeat the operation. If the film is persistent, very lightly moisten the pad with water and resume polishing.
    7. Throw out the excess product.

Fabric warranty Fabric Treatment

  1. TOOLS. 
    1. A manual vaporizer
    1. The interior must be clean and dry.
    2. Begin with the driver's seat, then the head and armrest, and then do the other seats.
    3. Re-do the drivers seat a second time and for family usage, re-do the rear bench a second time.
    4. Apply what is left in the container (350ml) on the carpets.
  3. RESPECT preventive mesures from material safety data sheet 

Vinyl and leather warranty Vinyl and Leather Treatment

    1. Ensure the interior is clean and free of dust.
    2. With a very lightly dampened sponge or cloth, apply the product uniformly on all vinyl and leather surfaces.
    3. Remove any excess and polish with a clean cloth.
    4. Leave any left over product in the bottle (350ml) to the client so that he may fulfill his the recommended maintenance.
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