Vehicle maintenance

Although Otoprotec products protect your vehicle, minimal maintenance is still necessary. In general, maintenance normally recommended by the manufacturer is sufficient but, in order to maintain the coverage validity of your Otoprotec warranties, the following maintenance and examinations are recommended.

Remember: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

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Important Points


  • Following the 3rd year, meticulously examine all surfaces of the vehicle that are likely to rust twice a year.

Points to watch
  • The edge of the hood, inside and out.
  • The bottom of the doors, inside and out.  Don’t hesitate to lift the rubber.
  • The bottom of the footboards, as they often fall victim to surface rust.
  • Around the rear fenders, especially vehicles with a rubber molding.
  • The door hinges.
  • Wash your vehicle regularly, especially during the winter.
  • During the winter, if possible, avoid parking in a hot and humid area.
  • Do not allow water to accumulate on the carpets, have it aspirated regularly.
  • After a few years, it is permitted to have additional oil/paraffin based rust proofing re-applied such as Otoprotec’s 55HP produc

Paint Paint

  • Ensure that your dealer provided you with a bottle of CRYSTAL SHINE renovator in order to perform the annual maintenance of your vehicle.
  • Wash your vehicle regularly and try avoiding brush car washes.

Traitement de tissus Fabric

  • Vacuum at least twice a year.
  • In case of fabric cleaning, ensure a re-application of the product.

Vinyl and Leather Vinyl and Leather

  • Ensure the dealer provided you with a bottle of Otoprotec Inc's vinyl and leather protector in order to perform the annual maintenance of your vehicle.
  • Regularly remove the dust with a soft cloth.


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