Anti-theft marking

Anti-theft What is Anti-Theft Marking?

Anti-theft marking is a simple and secure technique that has been proven for many years. In fact, for centuries the herd owners mark their cattle with a hot iron to prevent theft and identify them.

Obviously, your vehicle will not be marked with a hot iron!  We now use the best possible technique that is sandblasting, but we are always on the lookout for all technological advances that allow us to improve our product.

A number permanently marked and easily concealable on all important parts of the vehicle will diminish considerably their value. Consequently, the thief will not receive a large sum for such a vehicle and will choose one that isn’t marked.

Our markings all begin with the letters QC-CDN which allows you to identify the source in the absence of the sticker.

Advantages for the client

Like all security devices, the anti-theft marking is a necessary evil. The immediate benefit is, in general, a lower insurance premium for theft. However, there is more; quite often the anti-theft marking will prevent you from having to pay and use an alarm system or other, especially as most vehicles come with standard safety equipment.

The discomfort and hassle associated with a theft are also avoided.  Imagine coming out of a shopping center, at the end of a Saturday, in winter with guests headed toward your home...or worse, on vacation!  Do not forget the amount granted by the insurance will not buy exactly the same vehicle and the possibility of an increase in premiums.

Otoprotec Anti-Theft Etching

The Otoprotec anti-theft etching uses a sandblasting technique with a lexan stencil. Our reduced dimension apparatus with its exclusive tube has a large maneuverability that allows installers to quickly make an aesthetic marking with minimal use of the chisel. Our windowed sticker lets a thief identify easily the Otoprotec marking (all beginning with QC-CDN) at a glance and go and rob elsewhere. See the installation guide for our complete etching information.

Aesthetic marking less than 2cm or 3/4 inches
Weight of 1.5kg
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