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Programme pour concessionnaires Chemical Program for Dealerships

We offer all dealerships a chemical program that includes rust proofing, paint, fabric and vinyl/leather protection. Our integrated approach allows us to offer, under one roof, the best products available on the market, an excellent warranty coverage, the equipment and service to provide the treatments, the marketing tools, the technical support and service representation which adapts it’s visit frequency to your needs.

The benefit to the vehicles owner is, at a competitive price, to obtain a permanent and high level rust proofing protection, which signifies that the clients no longer has to waste his time in garages or suffer the discomfort associated with an annual rust proofing application. In addition, the client enjoys an excellent warranty, support from his dealership and avoids any possible problems with the manufacturers warranty.

Marketing Tools

Our sales support tools are effective and respectful of the image your professionals want to exude. The tools available are: demonstrators of our rust proofing products, painted plates for the paint treatment, stylized blotting cardboard for fabric treatment, leaflets, stickers and simple posters.

Claims Policy

Inevitably, there comes a day when a problem arises with a vehicle. It is important that the client feels confident and gets treated with respect during the full process of a claim from the opening to the closing of the file.

It is why, upon the opening of a file, we consider the importance that a vehicle be seen as soon as possible. In order to accelerate the file, we work from photos provided by the client or the dealer. Thus the file is treated in the shortest possible time.

At all times, in case of disagreement and possible measures, we give the client the benefit of the doubt. In the interest of transparency, all communications are made in writing and decisions are clearly documented.

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